At Miscarriage Moms For Life, we are fighting for the dignity and personhood of post-conceived human babies.  These are our babies, and we love them from the moment they enter our lives.  We stand with you to honor those whom the world no longer sees (or whom the rest of the world never did see).

 Pro-Life Advocacy







Miscarriage Moms For Life is a central place for a specific segment of pro-life supporters. Our experiences of pregnancy loss and/or early infant loss impacts our views

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on elective abortion.

Why we choose pro-life advocacy
Our experiences taught us first-hand that our babies weren’t just a clump of cells. Our babies had bodies of their own with souls of their own.

Adding light for pro-life advocacy
The light of the life we carried naturally drives our pro-life stance. We encourage the rest of the pro-life community to embrace the heart and solicit the wisdom of us parents who have suffered miscarriages, stillbirths, or early infant losses.


 Personhood Stories







Miscarriage Moms For Life provides a platform for sharing stories of families whose pregnancy loss and/or early infant loss impacts our views of

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elective abortion.

Human bodies with human personality traits
We have a perspective that needs to be shared. We have seen those tiny hands with tiny fingers, those feet, those perfectly-formed bodies—human bodies, and/or we have experienced the souls and personalities of our babies—their human personalities.

Human inside, human outside
Our voices can testify to the reality that our babies are human persons from the point of conception. We know that our gestational children are very much as human when they were alive in our wombs as children who are born healthy.

Our babies matter for they are made in the image of God
Our testimony to the personhood of our babies declares that our babies are made in the image of God. Our testimony affirms that the lives of our babies matter. Our testimony asserts that the lives of the babies in danger of being aborted also matter because they are also persons made in the image of God.

Share the personhood stories of your babies
Please contact us to submit your story, your testimony, of how your baby loss fueled your fire against abortion, of how you experienced the reality of the appearance of the humanity of your child, and/or of how you experienced the unique personality—the personhood—of your child.


 Pregnancy Loss Memorials







Miscarriage Moms For Life promotes memorials for dignity, respect, and remembrance.
Miscarriage Moms For Life seeks to provide our babies with the dignity justified

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by their personhood: remembrance in funeral ritual. As common as it is for humans who die after their birth to be given the dignity and respect of funerals, our babies also deserve a memorial space and ceremony.

Memorials coming soon to a city near you
Over time, with the help of many generous supporters, we can place a memorial site in cities across the United States where families can gather and memorialize our beloved babies symbolically. We, too, can obtain closure that others receive through the funeral of their loved ones who died after birth.

 Post-Abortion Loss Memorials






Miscarriage Moms For Life recognizes that many women regret having abortions. Many women reluctantly had abortions and/or were

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torn from overriding their maternal instincts.
If this is you, whatever the circumstance, you are hurting, and your grief is compounded because there was no funeral for your baby. We acknowledge your grief and other struggles.

Remember your baby in a memorial

On behalf of our compassionate Christ, we are sharing memorials with women (and men) who aborted their children (or who learned their children were aborted). And we pray that you will come to find the freedom from condemnation by repentance and through forgiveness in the name of Jesus.

Love and restoration in post-abortion loss memorial
In symbolically memorializing your child, we pray that you will embrace your motherhood. We pray that you will feel free to grieve. We pray that you will fully accept the forgiveness, love, and restoration of the God Who gave His Son to redeem us from all—ALL—of our sins. Dare to love and be loved again.


As I was reading today, I thought to myself that I feel like I know your son. . .. This . . . gives permission to mothers to believe more fully that their baby is fully alive.

F. N.

My mother never forgot her child she lost from a miscarriage.  If she were alive today, she would have really appreciated being able to have her baby recognized and memorialized.


Back then, you weren’t allowed to talk about it. . . . It was a very shameful thing to be buried away as a skeleton in the closet. . . .How do you just forget about something like that?



Our vision and mission

To glorify God, the Giver of Life, by valuing the youngest of human lives that have either died or are in danger of being killed in the womb.
To declare the personhood of humans from the moment the human sperm and human egg fuse to create a new being with a unique strand of DNA.




V. Pres.