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Help us grow. Become a Partner, Sponsor, or Liaison. This can be financial, organizational, and/or professional. It will take a good bit of scattered groundwork and coordination to establish burial plots for miscarriages and pregnancy losses throughout the United States, and to let hospitals, doctors offices, counselors, and churches know about our services.

Share your stories. Your baby loss—whether from miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death—does matter. Your baby is a real human being, whether he or she died inside or outside the womb, whether he or she only lived one day outside the womb or six weeks inside the womb. And (usually) only you (especially you, Mom) can describe who your child was. And the more stories we can collect showing the (external AND internal) humanity of our precious babies, the louder our voices become to stand for the lives of the babies in danger of being legally murdered by unholy laws.

Give us feedback. Constructive criticism helps us mature. Which experiences with us did you particularly appreciate, and why? What areas might we improve (know of others’ stories that coincide with our vision/mission, found any broken links or typos, etc.)?

Submit the stories of your child’s unique personalities, characteristics, human qualities, etc. Miscarriage Moms For Life is accepting poems and stories in keeping with our basic premise that (while they may inherit some of our traits and learn some of our quirks) our children are very much their own person from the earliest of ages. These are the stories that if you were to share with the vast majority of individuals, they would find them difficult to believe. TELL these stories anyway. Do it through this book, or through this website, (anonymously, if you wish), as we intend to change the names or other identifying information to maintain your privacy.

Know that you are not alone by reading about others’ unique experiences, whether on our website (or microsites or related sites), in our book to be published, or from other sources. Gain strength and comfort in realizing that your experience is NOT crazy—in realizing that your experience is real and it has a purpose that can glorify God.

Did we mention, Submit your stories?  Tell us about your child(ren).  The more (and the more often) you share about them, the more you remind others of the reality of their humanity, their importance to you, and your love for them.  It is cathartic and validating to share, in addition to facilitating healing.

Any other ideas for volunteering?  Can you come up with a great logo or image to go with an underrepresented post?  Are you great at SEO or other technical aspects?  Would you like to be a guest blogger, or have me as a guest blogger on your site?  How can your unique gifts and interests be shared with us?  We’d love to hear from you.