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As a faith-based site, we strive to fear God more than we fear man. That means there is a chance that visitors may find one or more parts, aspects, messages of our website offensive to them. We cannot water down our message—our ministry—so much as to completely avoid offending everyone. What we do NOT want to do is offend God. God hates evil, and we would rather be held as offensive in the opinions of certain individuals who do not want to be confronted with the evil of their actions [note that we are NOT calling them personally evil, but just their actions] than be judged as offensive towards God.

None of the material and/or content on this website or any of its related outreaches (microsites) is to be construed as medical instruction or advice. All content and/or material provided within this website is for educational and informational purposes only. No action should be taken solely on the contents of this site.

We are individuals who have experienced our baby(ies) and/or infant(s) death(s) or know of those who have, and we have opened ourselves up to share our experiences through this and related forums. We are NOT licensed doctors or counselors. Consult a qualified health professional or your physician on any matters regarding the opinions expressed within this site, your emotional wellbeing, or your physical health.

As a faith-based site, the author(s) and/or contributor(s) believe the information provided is accurate based upon their beliefs at the time of submission. Not everything included in this site has been validated—nor independently evaluated—by the medical community. Medical information sometimes changes rapidly, which may render some of the information on this website (and its affiliates/related outreaches (microsites) such as FB, Twitter, etc.) out of date and/or medically inaccurate. Therefore, the user and/or reader is responsible for consulting and seeking out their own professional medical/health care regarding anything contained within this website and related outreaches.

While efforts have been made to provide credits for content from third parties, we may have inadvertently omitted some credits. We have read and heard a lot, and over time as details of memories fade, we may have inadvertently forgotten that the great phrase we have included in our material actually was a quote from a third party and not originating with us. If you find this to be the case, please contact us so we can take steps to edit (provide credit and/or rephrase) the content.

Credits for the pictures may or may not be included. Many of the pictures are obtained from pixabay.com, whether or not they are individually tagged. Sometimes pictures are passed along, and their source becomes lost. If you find one of your pictures, please contact us so we may provide credit.

This ministry cannot have a far-reaching influence and provide memorial sites and/or other benefits without ample funding from external sources. As a start-up, Miscarriage Moms For Life has received IRS approval as a 501(c)(3) charity, retroactive to January 2, 2019. But, then again, what funeral services are tax-exempt? Your donations have the dual benefit of both being considered a charity and of provision so that mothers (with a Rizpah heart) across the United States can have a sense of closure and peace about having their children’s deaths receiving the same level of dignity as if they were burying a sibling or parent.

We may have third-party advertisements on our site to help fund this ministry. This is not necessarily an endorsement of those products, as we may not always have control over selecting advertisers.
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We do not assume any liability—direct, indirect, special, exemplary, consequential, or other damages—for the content and/or information on this website and/or any related outreaches (or microsites). The user and/or reader assumes all risks. Remember, we are individuals who have experienced our baby(ies) and/or infant(s) death(s) or know of those who have, and we have opened ourselves up to share our experiences through this and related forums. We are NOT licensed doctors or counselors.


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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement applies only to the information collected online through Miscarriage Moms For Life (and any of its related outreaches or microsites).
Miscarriage Moms For Life collects participant’s information to enhance their overall experience. This privacy policy may assist you in understanding what information we may gather about you when you visit our website, how that information is used, and safeguards for that information.
1. General Browsing Information
Miscarriage Moms For Life gathers each user’s navigational information during each visit to our website. Non-personally identifiable information (such as domain type, browser version, service provider, and IP address) may be collected in the process of gathering navigational information. This navigational information tells Miscarriage Moms For Life about the visitors’ use of our website, including the most visited areas or the time a page on our site was last visited. It also tells us about the time it takes a visitor to download pages, connect to our website, and similar technical efficiencies of our services and website. The navigational information helps Miscarriage Moms For Life better understand our visitors’ experiences so that we may improve upon that experience by focusing on more of the services, products, and features our visitors prefer. Currently, Monster Insights, Clicky Analytics, and whatever is available through Jetpack, WordPress, etc. are being used for analytics services for general browsing information.  To prevent fraud and abuse, and to maintain information security, full IP addresses and potentially other data points may be collected from time to time.
2. Personal Information
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Miscarriage Moms For Life may email you, which allows you to receive information about media events, special offers, new products, other unrelated products, and much more.
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