Shared Stories

We are the only witnesses to their lives, and their lives do matter.
Miscarried Moms For Life provides a forum for mothers to tell the special stories of their babies who only lived in their womb (or for a short time after birth). These aren’t just the typical stories of prenatal and infant loss. [NOT to minimize them at all. Every prenatal and infant loss matters. And there are other websites and other forums who already do a great job of hearing about the prenatal and infant losses in general. Please seek out these other forums for general support, as they are valuable in what they do.]  Share your witness of their lives and volunteer your story.

Only God could have allowed us to experience the reality of the unique personhood of our babies.
The special stories that Miscarried Moms For Life loves to feature are the stories that have the majority of people shaking their heads in disbelief. These are the stories that have the majority of people ready to claim that our grief has given us quite the colorful imaginations. These are the stories that we are—except for the perceived anonymity of the internet—afraid to tell because we realize how unbelievable they sound. These are the stories that we keep to ourselves because we don’t want our friends and family thinking they need to ship us off to some institution for a mental health evaluation. For me, personally, these are the stories like the story of my son—the story about which I can only say, “But God….”

Our babies had their own souls, which made them just as much of a person as any of us who are still alive outside of the womb today.
It is these stories that go beyond the shared physical appearance of babies. There are some anti-lifers who go so far as to say that a gestational being is not a human (not a child, not a person, etc.) until they are safely born and take their first breath. This is just another reason why it is vitally IMPORTANT for us to get our stories out. It is important for us to share with the world that our gestational children were very much as human when they were alive in our womb as children are who are born healthy.



One in four—silent no more!
I cannot do this alone. PLEASE share your story.  Volunteer your story. No matter how ridiculous you think it sounds. The primary limits I have is that you keep the language clean (no profanity, etc.) AND that you TRUTHFULLY tell your story—don’t make up things just to get published. These stories may be so bold as to include visions of angels or heavenly beings. These stories may be so subtle as to indicate that your gut told you your child’s gender. Or they may be like mine. [Yes, I’ve been evaluated, and yes, I am SANE.] So are you, I would guess. Having supernatural experiences—having experiences that many other women just don’t have (or don’t realize they could have had)—does not make you crazy. On the contrary, I believe it makes you blessed.


Write it down.
Stop what you’re doing. Commit to write down as much as possible about your experience with your child(ren) as soon as possible. [Memories do fade over time—even ones that are very vivid right now.] Whether you decide to share your story with Miscarriage Moms For Life or not, at least you will have fully acknowledged and honored the humanity and the memory of your child as an individual with dignity and personhood.