Light: Education

As an educational resource for the pro-life movement, we are considering information from the Bible and from science to help support our beliefs and working theories regarding a variety of related topics.

Shining Light: Education from The Bible

As believers in Jesus Christ, we trust the Bible as the Word of God. Though written by human authors, we believe it to be inspired by God by the supernatural guidance of God’s Holy Spirit. As such, we take it to be the source of truth for our beliefs as Christians.
There are many passages in the Bible that address life, personhood, and humans created by God.

Shining Light: Education from Science

Human knowledge has increased–and continues to increase–over time. Where once humans thought the earth as a whole was flat, we now have scientific evidence to support our knowledge that the earth is round. So when it comes to the personhood of gestational children, where does science stand? Is there any scientific evidence to validate the experiences of thousands [We know you’re out there. Don’t be shy. Babies’ lives are at stake.] of women?

Shining Light: Education from Beliefs

What supports beliefs? Why do we believe the way we believe? Sometimes it’s just “blind faith.” Sometimes we take our beliefs and search out external sources for proof, whether that proof comes from a source we trust (such as the Bible), from scientific discoveries, from the experiences of others, and from other sources that serve to validate and/or confirm our beliefs.

Shining Light: Education in general

Generally, when shining light, education follows. Generally. Darkness is exposed. Darkness can be replaced by light. But light needs to be accepted and not hidden. Light needs to be welcomed and not silenced. Far too long, pregnancy loss victims have been silenced and shamed into not processing their–our–grief. Far too long, our society has allowed innocent blood to be shed as darkness continued to advance. Let us stand and shine the light of the Source of Truth, shine the light of wisdom, shine the light of knowledge and educate our culture in the Way and the Life.

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