For those pondering whether you should bother naming the child you lost in pregnancy, Miscarriage Moms For Life heartily recommends, “Absolutely!” For those who have already decided not to bother, we ask you to prayerfully reconsider as you keep reading below.






Some purposes of names include: 
• Readily identifying us from the crowd. While we may ignore an occasional “Hey, you,” we almost immediately recognize our name and reflexively react to hearing it. 
• Linking us to our reputation, like a brand. When a recognized name is said, others react based on the associations they make with that name. 
• Affirming our place and position in our families. Our children are ours, even though they are not physically with us. 
• Conveying a sense of dignity, respect, and recognition as humans—being made in the image of God (read Our Babies Are Made in the Image of God).

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You may already be using a nickname for your child, like little bean, blueberry, little angel, or anything else. Great! Continue to say it with all the fondness you wish to convey. But giving your child a proper name denotes a level of seriousness and respect (read What to Name Your Child) that nicknames lack. It may sound like this: “We named our son in heaven David, but I like to call him my monarch butterfly because his first movements were like flutters.”

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Naming your child validates their importance to you and their worth and dignity as a fellow human being. Naming your child tells others that this was not a clump of cells or a product of conception or less than human. Naming your child expresses that they were a real human being with a soul, that you love. Some won’t understand this. But name them anyway—for your child and for yourself.

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Miscarriage Moms For Life emphasizes the importance of naming your child because God made them and loves them. Name your child because you love them and they deserve it.

Part of the outreach of Miscarriage Moms For Life hopes to help bring healing to the brokenhearted, comfort to the grieving parents, and restoration to the families of aborted children. In Luke 4:18, Jesus began to quote Isaiah 61, regarding healing heart-break, freeing captives, restoring sight, and forgiving restoration for the crushed. Isaiah 61, verses 2-4 also include comforting the mourners, providing for the grievers (lifting them out of the ashes and out of despair), restoring, and renewing so that the Lord’s splendor (glory) would be clearly seen.

Heal the Brokenhearted

There is no quick-fix to healing the heart-break of child loss. Many times what is said does more harm than good, but prayerfully not on this site. You’ll love and remember your child for the rest of your life. But perhaps with some level of healing, you may find some freedom from getting stuck in the brokenness. You will eventually find the strength to keep going on with life—even when triggers remind you of the heartbreak. Your baby deserves a memorial, a place of internment, as afforded to other humans with remains.







Comfort the Grievers

We are so sorry for your loss. Your baby’s life matters, no matter how short it was.

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You are not alone. Sharing your baby’s life with others can help, and Miscarriage Moms For Life wants to be a safe place for you to share all of the things you learned about your child that made him/her unique from others and special to you (read Personhood Stories). Did he have you eating burgers all the time? Did she keep you binging on milkshakes? Did you dream of your child’s gender? Your baby’s life deserves validation and acknowledgment of humanity.

Forgive the Crushed

Whatever your circumstances, you got an abortion. And now you realize the pain it caused. You just can’t seem to break free from the guilt and shame, even if you have repented (read Why is Repentance Necessary). That freedom is through Christ (read Eternity), and Miscarriage Moms For Life would like to extend the forgiveness to you in a tangible way. We want to offer you a place to memorialize your child with a personalized rock at a gravesite. The abortion was horrible, but Christ said “Father, forgive them,” of the ones who killed Him, and He will forgive you, too. Honor your child. Recognize his/her life as valuable. Name your child (read Importance of Naming Your Child). And forgive yourself.

Because humanity is made in the image of God, our lives matter from the point when our DNA was initially formed. When we acknowledge the lives lost and validate the grief of others, we demonstrate the compassion God has for His creation. We bring Him glory and splendor in continuing to minister to others even as Christ did. We help heal the brokenhearted and comfort the grievers. We become His ambassadors—His hands and feet—on the earth pointing to a God that loves us and wants us whole.

Our Memorial and our book, When Unborn Babies Speak, may bring you some additional comfort.